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Ultra Media Solution Training Hub (UMS-TH) is a Lagos state-based school that specializes in web, digital designs, mobile applications and digital media education.

By offering hands-on instructions taught by experienced industry professionals in a progressive, challenging, and supportive small class environment, with unlimited lab time and a Alumni Membership to the facility upon graduation, Ultra Media Solution Training Hub provides the student with the creative learning environment needed to become a truly independent creative professional.

Ultra Media Solution Training Hub

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Animators make use of computers and others electronic devices to produce drawings and characters.

These are often transferred to a film or tape to provide the special effects and imagery for films, computer games, video games, advertising industries, and television commercials.

A career in animation requires a high level of creative ability and natural talents.

The job market can be competitive, and those that choose to specialize in a particular area can be successful in the long term.

A career in the field of animation can lead to opportunities in film animation, computer animation, and a variety of media businesses.


Graphic designing is one of the gifts technology has given us, and there is a constant demand for good designers. Graphic Design is something which drives advertising and attracts us to brands.

As the global market shrinks with the ever growing reach of technology the need for that eye catching graphic becomes more and more valuable to a business.

Graphic designers work with images and text, to design and create visually appealing elements, including brochures, logos, advertisements, and websites. Professional graphic designers are in high demand in many industries such as advertising and promotions, public relations, and marketing.

Over the last 5 to 10 years technology has bought us more and more ways to stimulate our minds and earn a living at the same time. We are at an era where your passion can bring you money and satisfaction.


The mobile device market is growing at breakneck speeds compared to the internet explosion of the mid 1990’s. This growth is feeding the increased demand for mobile application developers.

As smartphones and tablets change the way people communicate, do business, shop, and access news & entertainment, the demand for new and innovative mobile applications will continue to rise as mobile devices become more capable, and an increasing number of traditional businesses develop apps to bring their products and services to the mobile marketplace.

The rapid growth of mobile is creating a host of employment opportunities for both corporate and freelance mobile application developers


Motion Graphics is a very complex field, encompassing the worlds of Conceptual Thinking, Graphic Design, Animation, Editing, Cinematography and Sound. Also it involves business aspects such as Producing, Marketing, Sales, and Client Service. It’s a lot to learn.

Our training has been designed around the belief that you don’t need a degree and a decade of experience to become an effective MoGraph artist. You just have to know what’s important to focus on, and you need to understand the fundamentals involved.


The demand for people with social media marketing skills has risen and is projected to continue growing at a fast clip as more business move their marketing spending from paid advertising into content marketing and social media engagement.

Join the social-media-marketing revolution: learn how to promote brands, increase sales, engage customers, and drive site traffic using Facebook and Twitter.

Many Nigerian companies are going online and they have budgeted billions of naira to put their business online, why are you not tapping into this?

Am sure you have heard of people making money on social media, are you curious as to how? Social media has grown to be one of the primary communication channels on the internet. Social media has become an essential tool in marketing strategies and many businesses are flocking to it.


At UMS-TH, Now anyone can learn to use one of the simplest yet most powerful tools in the world to turn raw video into really compelling stories.
And they’re all available to you, and simple to operate.


Move beyond first generation HTML-based web pages and create interactive, state-of-the-art, websites and applications that support the demands of tomorrow’s e-business processes

The possibilities are practically endless once you have the right tools giving you the chance to fully engage in the Web—as a skilled creator and developer whether you are experienced or relatively new to the field, achieving your Web Design and Development Certificate is a significant advancement in your career development so you can build dynamic websites utilizing the most current versions of industry-standard applications maintenance of websites.


The possibilities are practically endless once you have the right tools giving you the chance to fully engage in the Web—as a skilled creator and developer.
Whether you are experienced or relatively new to the field, achieving your Web Design and Development Certificate is a significant advancement in your career development.
UMS-TH accelerated and unique project-based approach help students in the Web Design, Development and Maintenance certificate program through the entire process of creating websites. You will build dynamic websites utilizing the most current versions of industry-standard applications
You will create CMS and PHP powered web applications that render consistently and efficiently across most web browsers. You will learn to design websites that follow the Responsive Design paradigm, which caters to the needs of mobile device users. Your websites, starting at the beginning of the program, will adjust to the different screen sizes and resolutions of smartphones and other mobile devices.

This training program has been designed to give you the requisite skills for designing and developing modern websites and applications. The curriculum of this program provides practical skills and tools to finding solutions that make websites more user-friendly.

In addition to exploring standardized and tested techniques you will also be exposed to other more experimental techniques in preparation for the future of the web.

You will be required to practically design websites projects from the scratch as well as work on Live web projects


In a simple breakdown, Photography is a wonderful form of expression and communication. Whether you want to tell a story, sell a product or just show how beautiful a brand is, photography plays an essential role in fulfilling your creative vision. Photography is a magnificent art form allowing the avid student to draw with light in the most imaginative of forms.

Photographers have quite literally brought light to the world and opened our eyes to the imagery from the furthest corners of our planet. The UMS Training Hub photography course offers you the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge and capture those images you have always dreamed of.


100% hands-on practicals

Internet Access

Good Power Supply

Fully Air-conditioned Classroom

Industry Experts Instructors

Opportunities of Job offer After Completion of Training

Flexibility – Weekdays & Weekend


We provide internship and Job placements to interested individuals after successful completion of course.


Meet with our Director, tour our training center and find out if UMS-TH is the right place for you to pursue your career goals.


From Web, Designs & Editing, Mobile Apps, Social & Digital Media, we have got all covered.

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