In this course will be able to attend anyone with or without experience in 3D Animation Industry.
The audience for possible participants of the training course could be from different fields but with eager and passion for this industry. This course will include people like:

  • Students
  • Beginners in 3d animation
  • Advance animators
  • Filmmakers
  • All Artists (designers, painters, photographers etc.)
  • And those looking to get into this new world

Defining the attendance
Who may attend this course?

At Ultra Media Training Hub®, we would help you unleash your stylistic brilliance. Our training goal and objective is to build a multitude of experts that would change the face of ICT globally. With our well defined Animation Training, it is with no doubt that great, creative and innovative Animators shall be made.

Animators have a unique combination of artistic ability, creativity and technological ability. From high definition CGI images to two-dimensional cartoons, animation is everywhere. When we watch movies, play video games and watch television, we see the work of animators. Animation is even used in marketing, where characters are created to entice consumers to purchase a product or service. The importance of an Animator in this global information age is fast becoming crucial to every organisation, big or small.

Why should people attend?

After attending the 3D Animation & Visual Effects training course, candidates will be able:

  1. Learn to use software Autodesk Cinema 4D, After Effects and Photoshop
  2. Getting familiar with modeling, texturing, rigging and animation
  3. Improve modeling from beginner to advance by creating 3D Objects
  4. Converting 3D Objects into photorealistic look and composite it into live footage
  5. Learn Lighting and Shading
  6. Learn architectural modeling by creating a 3d room
  7. Turn the 3d room into photorealistic look by lighting and shading
  8. Learn Compositing and Visual Effects
  9. Keying out a green screen, rotoscope and color grading
  10. Learn Matte Painting
  11. Learn to use cinema4D

Course Outline

Our training course in 3D Animation is 2 – 3 days a week with 3 hours per class and is going to last 8 weeks. In first week will learn basic of the 3D Software Autodesk Cinema 4D including getting familiar with the software and modeling. Second week will pass into advance modeling techniques by modeling 3D Objects and making it look real. Third week is going to be Lighting and Shading. In this week we are going to light and shade a 3D room and turning it into photorealistic. And 4th week will be Compositing with software After Effects where we learn for compositing and visual effects techniques.

Cinema 4D

• The basics of modeling, texturing, rigging, animation and rendering
• Improve modeling skills from beginner to advance
• Modeling 3d objects and turning it into photorealistic look
• Learn Lighting and Shading
• Learn architectural environment by modeling a 3d room
• Turning the 3d room into a photorealistic look by L&SH
• Learn how to render with render layer passes

After Effects

• Learn Compositing and Visual Effects
• Composite a 3D image into Photoshop with 3d render layer passes
• How to fake a 2d image into 3d image
• How to use 3d camera in AE Key out a green screen and rotoscope
• Key out a green screen and rotoscope
• Color grading and have an Eye Deveopment Look.
• Making a picture full of Matte Painting

Visual Effects

• Explain Visual Effects
• Learn VFX Techniques applied in Films
• Difference of Visual Effects between Special Effects
• How to fake a 2d image into 3d image
• Understanding of Matte Painting
• Talking about chroma key
• Role of rotoscope

3D Animation

• Why do we need animation
• Explain the Animation department
• Workflow in Film Industry
• How to produce a 100% quality