Blackberry Application Development Training is a hands-on course to building mobile applications based on Blackberry SDK. This course covers all the essential features, and explores the advanced capabilities of Blackberry to help you construct increasingly complex, useful, and innovative mobile applications for Blackberry devices. The course starts with an introduction to mobile development, and in-depth look at Blackberry applications and their life cycle.

In this dynamic, three-day bootcamp style, you’ll get up to speed to build your own mobile app. Our Blackberry training classes can help you get off to a running start in Blackberry development.Blackberry Development Training Training allows system administrators and BlackBerry smartphone developers to learn how to better create and manage the advanced applications and features and capabilities of BlackBerry smartphones and software.

Course Outline

Mobile Development 101

  • Overview of BlackBerry® Java® Development Environment
  • BlackBerry development approaches
  • Connectivity and Security
  • Application Integration
  • Standards for application integration

Step-by-step instructions to create a BlackBerry smartphone Java® application

  • BlackBerry Web Development
  • BlackBerry Widgets
  • Web Feed Support (RSS)
  • Bookmark Auto Sync
  • Home Screen Bookmarks
  • Push-based Alerts and Content Distribution

BlackBerry Java Development Environment

  • Key features
  • Screen and UI
  • Touch screen user input

Strategies and Methods for .Net Application Migration to BlackBerry

  • Migration overview
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Using the BlackBerry Java Development Environment to Connect to .NET Applications
  • Integration architecture
  • Administration