With two of the most popular graphic application software, Photoshop and Illustrator, our professional graphic designers will teach not just the practical operation of them but also user-centered design concept, UI and UX, used by designers today. You will also create your first Web design work as a final assignment of the course.


Photoshop 1

  • The user interface of Photoshop
  • The basic knowledge of computer graphics
  • Basic operations such as color selection and area selection
  • What is the difference between bitmap data and vector data

Photoshop 2

  • How to change the color mode of graphic data
  • How to adjust the color and tone of graphic data
  • Understanding the tools for retouching
  • Give special effects on graphic data with Filters

Photoshop 3

  • The basic operations of Layer feature
  • How to control and manage the layer of graphic data
  • Understanding Color Channels and Alpha Channels

Illustrator 1

  • The user interface of Illustrator
  • Understanding how to make, edit and delete Objects
  • Text input and editing

Illustrator 2

  • The basic knowledge of Path information
  • How to make and edit a Path
  • Advanced techniques of Path information

Illustrator 3

  • The basic operation of Deformation Tools
  • Combining Objects
  • Blend Objects and Mesh Objects

Practice 1

  • Understanding the website development workflow
  • How to make a wireframe of a Web page

Practice 2

  • How to make parts of a Web page
  • How to layout the parts to make a design comp