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With a knowledge that more than forty five percent of the population of this country fall below the age of 15 and that the people in these age group are stocked in our secondary schools, clickITnigeria is set to, from time to time organise “Catch Them Young” program in secondary schools. The catch them Young program will be an avenue to inform these young people about IT as a tool for development, educate them about its component and empower them for the future, which is now!

Furthermore with realisation that the there is a low level of understanding of IT applications among the Nigerian tertiary institution undergraduates, clickITnigeria will also organise IT trainings, symposiums and seminars which will open up the mind of these undergraduates and challenge them to prepare for the outside IT infected world

ClickITnigeria believes that together we can raise the level of ICT awareness in the country despite the seemingly inconsistencies in our system. We can together give the youth an opportunity for expression in the Information Society and the new knowledge driven economy.

clickITnigeria is also set to introduce these young people to the internet and sustain their interest in it as a big door to the world of opportunities. This will be in the form of keeping them updated about IT events and news around the country and the world at large. It will be done through the e-Generation mailing list, which they can subscribe to at .


No doubt, ICT (Web Solutions, Mobile Applications, Creative and Digital Media) is a strategic pre-requisite for the transformation of any nation’s economy from resource-based to a knowledge-based one and achieving sustainable socio-economic development under the new globalization.

Many students in Nigeria graduate from universities and institutions, but only small percentages get jobs.

This Special ‘Catch them Young’ training is intended to prepare these young ones for the post-digital age which will demand technical knowledge and skills

Why This Training Workshop?

With the realization that the there is a low level of understanding of ICT applications among the Nigerian tertiary institution undergraduates this hands-on but fun-filled training will open up the minds of these young ones and challenge them to prepare for the outside IT-infected world

The workshop was will not only stimulate the consciousness of the young ones on what they can use ICT to achieve as future ICT experts, but also strengthen the children’s ICT awareness and knowledge with a view to catching them young to embrace ICT as part of their growing up and also preparing local innovation in Nigerian economy

Why This Training Will Be Unique

We understand that most children dont have the mental capacity for complex teachings yet, so our training approach will be strategically unique so that courses taught will be very appealing to the children

Getting children interested is very important to us and the field and fun-packed training strategies will make it a great way to make technology come to life for your students

Your Students will have the opportunities and learn new things beyond the walls of classroom

  • Preparing them to be entrepreneurs
  • Catching them young with ICT skills and knowledge
  • Preparing them to be future innovators and drivers of the economy
  • Making them to be citizen of the Global Village
  • Preparing them to be future innovators and drivers of the economy
  • Offers them the chance to get hands-on training experience
  • Allow them to test your interest in a particular career before making permanent commitments.
  • Develop skills in applying theory to practical work situations.
  • Bespoke training that Introduce them into a world of Lifetime Employability or Entrepreneurship prospects
  • Provides them with added edge in addition to what you studied in school
  • Making them to be citizen of the Global Village

The Benefactors of the Training

 School
 Parents
 Pupils & Students themselves
 Society at Large


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Who We Are

UMS TRAINING HUB: We are a dedicated training hub, passionate to up-skill and improve the employability and ‘skill-ability’ of our learners, develop their own digital voice, deepen their web footprint and expand their creative innovation

Our industry designed and taught training programmes are built specifically with you in mind – whether you want to kick start your digital/ICT career, gain a new skill or launch yourself into the workforce, there’s a flexible learning option for you.

Why UMS Training Hub?

• 3 Strategic Location in Lagos Mainland Metropolis – Ikeja, Egbeda, Lekki
• 100% Training Practical
• Flexibility – Weekends & Weekdays
• Live Projects Implementation
• Job & Internship Placements Opportunities
• Adequate seating for trainees.
• Small-sized training classes of between 6 – 15
• Adequate desk/table space for equipment and computers.

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Our Instructors are working professionals and industry validated instructors who can break down complex ICT courses into very simple, appealing and entertaining curriculum teaching to the children in fun-loving fashion