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You can become certified in just a blink, have an edge over your colleages, Storm the industry unexpectedly with your professionally acquired expertise in the world of ICT.

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We Are Dedicated

With the world surely now deviating more and more into the ICT era, young folks will be wise not to let go of this brilliant opportunity to get certified in a widely sort field.

Our industry designed, validated and taught training programmes are built specifically with you in mind so whether you want to kick-start your digital/ICT career, gain a new skill ,launch yourself into the workforce or gain an edge over your competitors in what is becoming a crowded labour market, there’s a flexible learning option for you with us at UMS training hub.

We are a dedicated training hub, passionate about improving the employ-ability of our learners and those who wish to develop their own digital voice and deepen their web footprint.

Employers are becoming more and more interested in such field when hiring, so why not join us and have an edge over your counterparts all over the country?.


Benefits of the Training


Offers you the chance to get hands-on training and experience.

Introduces you to a potential future work environment.

Allows you to test your interest in a particular career before making permanent commitments.



Develop skills in applying theory to practical work situations.

Become Job-Ready After NYSC.

Get Practical Skills Needed for real life work experience.



Added Edge

Course fees are highly affordable with discount you will not get anywhere else in the country.

Bespoke training that Introduce you into a world of Lifetime Employ-ability or Entrepreneurship prospects.

Provides you with added edge in addition to your field of study.



An amazing opportunity beckons as UMS training hub in collaboration with the National Youth Service Corps is creating an amazing opportunity for corp members who wish to enroll for any of our amazing courses/modules. Taught by some of the most professional experts, our courses are listed thus;