Computer Basics

  • Understand and use computer operating system
  • Understand digital theory and file organization
  • Use supporting applications
  • Employ troubleshooting techniques

Digital Audio/Video Software Application

Learn about entry-level & professional digital audio/video editing software:

Comprehend and use terms and techniques relating to digital video and audio   recording and editing.

Digital Video Editing

  • Applying proper transitions, edits, titles, effects, media and output control
  • Understand and demonstrate Montage and Continuity editing scenarios.
  • Understanding the various types of editing classifications

Music and Scoring

Students analyze the use of music in film and video projects, then spot, score, and sequence music for a project.


Understanding the various video formats:

  • mov
  • avi
  • h26
  • mpeg etc

Colour Grading

Lean about various color grading applications/plugins

Understand the various applications of: Mojo, Look, Colorista etc