The Web Design/Development training program has been designed to give you the requisite skills for designing and developing modern websites and applications. The curriculum of this program provides practical skills and tools to finding solutions that make websites more user-friendly.

The possibilities are practically endless once you have the right tools giving you the chance to fully engage in the Web—as a skilled creator and developer.

Whether you are experienced or relatively new to the field, achieving your Web Design and Development Certificate is a significant advancement in your career development.

UMS-TH accelerated and unique project-based approach help students in the Web Design, Development and Maintenance certificate program through the entire process of creating websites. You will build dynamic websites utilizing the most current versions of industry-standard applications

You will create CMS and PHP powered web applications that render consistently and efficiently across most web browsers. You will learn to design websites that follow the Responsive Design paradigm, which caters to the needs of mobile device users. Your websites, starting at the beginning of the program, will adjust to the different screen sizes and resolutions of smartphones and other mobile devices.

In addition to exploring standardized and tested techniques you will also be exposed to other more experimental techniques in preparation for the future of the web. You will be required to practically design websites projects from the scratch as well as work on Live web projects

What is the target audience?

If you are an “absolute beginner” this course is just perfect for you. However, if you have a basic understanding of HTML and even a little CSS, this course would also be appropriate. You should have a working knowledge of computers and an interest in the Web. You do not need to have any prior “programming” knowledge or experience – just a desire to learn.

  • You’re planning on studying coding at college and want to build a rock solid foundation so that you have a huge head start before your course begins?
  • You’re dissatisfied with your current job and want to learn exactly what it takes to become a fully qualified web developer?
  • You’re currently working in IT but want to expand your skill base so that you’re 100% up to date with the latest developments in web technology?
  • You want to develop Web Apps or websites on the side to create some additional income while retaining your current job?

Course Duration

  • 4 hours – twice a week… for weekdays …10 weeks
  • N50,000 (no discount)
  • Certificate: Certificate will be issued at the end of your training period

Course Outline

Web Development Level 1

  • Start learning how to build websites by hand coding HTML5 & CSS3.
  • Create multi-page websites with text, images, & more.
  • Learn how to style with CSS.
  • Upload your files using FTP to make the site live.

JavaScript & jQuery

  • Learn how to write your own JavaScript to add animation and interactive functionality to your webpages.
  • Understand how to use freely available JavaScript frameworks, including the industry standard: jQuery.
  • Create animated slideshows with transitions such as fades or slides. Build animated image enlargers, show/hide additional content, and more.

Then Design & Build Your Own Website

When you are enrolled in our certificate program you get access to the Design & Build Your Own Website Meetup group. This group, which meets approximately every two weeks, gives you a chance to get private and group feedback from an instructor and other students on your work. You will be able to come in and code with an instructor by your side.

Web Development Level 2

  • Use media queries to create layouts that are responsive (optimized for all screens sizes, such as phones, tablets, and desktops).
  • Dive deeper into CSS3 selectors and properties for more sophisticated styling.
  • Learn best practices to write cleaner, more optimized CSS code.

Mobile & Responsive Web Design

  • Learn how to optimize sites for high-resolution (Retina) displays.
  • Dive deeper into CSS media queries and mobile optimized navigation.
  • Learn how to use and skin Bootstrap to build out layouts quickly, using their mobile first grid system and components.

Photoshop for Web & UI

  • Use Photoshop to create and optimize graphics for web and user interface design.
  • Create wireframes and turn them into finished designs that are optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop screens.
  • Learn how to design on grids, extract image assets, create hi‑res 2x graphics, and more.